5 Tips for a Happy [First Time] Camper

Got a first-time camper this year? Going to the first overnight camp may have you googling all the things you need to be thinking about to help prepare your kiddo to have a great experience. We get it.

Your child may be anxious before camp, but rest assured that your camper will be in good hands at Camp Kurios. And when you come to pick your child up at the end of camp, we bet she won’t be ready to leave, and will already be making plans to attend again next year! In the meantime, here are some tips to ensure your camper has a positive experience.

1. Preventing Homesickness

Whatever you do, do not make a “pick-up deal.” Promising “If you feel homesick, I’ll come and get you” undermines your child’s confidence and dramatically intensifies homesickness. Instead, normalize their anxiety and talk positively about camp, the friends they’ll make, and the fun they’ll have. ☺

2. Double Check Dates & Times

Start camp off on a smooth note by arriving during the designated registration time and on the right day. And on the day camp ends, be sure to arrive on time so your camper isn’t the last kid around after all the others have gone home. Go ahead and make a note of the drop off and pick up times for your session now. 🕒

3. Follow the Packing List

Double check the camp’s packing list. Many seasons of experience have helped us refine the packing list to include all the essentials. So, if it says “tennis shoes,” don’t send them with just their flip flops. 👟👟


It’s easy to lose things at camp. Kids tend to leave stuff all over the place. If you want to improve their chances of bringing all their stuff back home, everything has got to have your camper’s name on it. Label everything from t-shirts and socks, to towels and toothbrush. Leave expensive items at home. Your camper does not need any cash while they are at camp. When you’re picking your camper up, be sure to check the lost-and-found on closing day. The top four items left at camp include Bibles, towels, t-shirts and socks. 👕🧦

5. Remember Bedding & Pillow

All beds at Camp Kurios have twin-sized mattresses. If you plan to send a sleeping bag only, you might want to also send a fitted twin sheet to cover the mattress. If you send a twin sheet set, be sure to send a blanket as the cabins are air conditioned and it stays nice and cool at night. 🛏

Bonus Tip! Leave the Smartphone at Home

Camp would not be camp if everyone was connected to their phones, iPods, and Nintendo DS’ instead of connecting to real, live people. No electronics are allowed, so leave the cell phone, Nintendo DS, iPod, etc at home. 📵

Camp is going to be a great adventure and we can’t wait to see your camper! 🤸‍♂️🚣‍♀️