3 Things Only Camp Kurios Insiders Know

Our Camp Kurios veterans have the inside scoop on what camp is like and they’ve shared these three things that you might be interested to know as you prepare for camp. Check it out.

1. Camp Kurios is unplugged.

That’s right. This is one of the last places in America where you can go and hear birds chirping, frogs croaking, and campers laughing without a text tone interrupting a single glorious moment. It’s a sweet freedom most of our campers only experience once a year. And guess what, they interact with each other in person! Amazing how it works.

So, just leave all the electronics at home – including cell phones, iPods, Nintendo DS’, iPads, mp3 players, etc. Be free!

2. Mail call is a thing.

Junior and Senior Week campers have a daily mail call each morning on Monday – Thursday (plus Friday for Senior Week). Any lucky camper that gets a letter gets to entertain the crowd to earn their mail. They can sing a song, tell a joke, show us their dance moves, or something along those lines.

Spread the word to friends and family to send your camper some mail! Be sure to send it in plenty of time to arrive while they are at camp. Here's the address:

[Camper Name]
Camp Kurios
c/o Beech Springs Camp
317 Ouachita 68
Louann, AR 71751

3. Campers don’t need any cash.

Through a combination of the camp registration cost that you pay and the generous donations of friends of Camp Kurios (we’re a 501c3 non-profit) we provide the following for our campers while they’re at camp:

  • T-SHIRT. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Camp Kurios t-shirt.

  • FOOD. Breakfast, lunch and supper for each full day at camp.

  • MORE FOOD. Concession snacks and drinks. Each camper chooses the snack and drink of their choice at the designated camp canteen times. They’ll get to choose from lots of camper-pleasing indulgences from sodas and snow cones to snickers and popcorn.

  • DRINKS. Lots & lots & lots of Gatorade & ice cold water. Keeping our campers hydrated is something we take very seriously. We keep three large coolers full where it is accessible to all the campers and staff all day long. We take frequent hydration breaks while we’re outside throughout the day.

  • STUFF. All supplies for arts and crafts campers will create, materials we will be using to play games or other activities. All provided.

  • SHELTER. Lodging & use of the facilities & pool (lifeguard on duty) at Beech Springs.

  • GUIDANCE AND CARE. A carefully selected rock star volunteer staff of counselors, directors and behind-the-scenes magic makers. Many of our counselors were once Kurios campers themselves. We love camp so much that we give our time (many taking vacation leave from their day jobs) to create a great experience for this generation of campers.

  • NURSE EXTRAORDINAIRE. Our rock star volunteers include a 24-hour-a-day registered nurse at camp, equipped with essentials like band-aids and hugs.

  • INCREDIBLE CAMP CREW. The best Beech Springs staff you could imagine. They cook for us, keep us safe on the ropes courses, guide us on horse rides, take excellent care of the campgrounds, learn all of our campers names, and spread fun and laughter like its bug spray – we love the Beech Springs staff and so will you!

We can’t wait for you to be a camp insider too! What other questions do you have? Send us a message on Facebook to get your question answered.

Oh... and here’s a bonus tip: parents, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for photos throughout camp!